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As a speaker, Jamara Wilson delivers engaging and impactful presentations and keynotes to inspire change while motivating your audience to take action. Request her for your event today!

In listening to her speak, I noticed the entire room is paying attention and not distracted by phones, email, etc... Jamara Wilson is dynamic in her delivery and execution.
— Sarah Soliman, CEO of Soliman Productions
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Speaker & PANEL Moderator

Effective, efficient and engaging. That’s how audiences describe Jamara Wilson,...

Founder and business process analyst of Tuxedo Impressions LLC™ and a co-creator of the I Deserve More workshop series. Jamara Wilson works with small businesses to help them establish operational efficiency through standardized processes and automation.

As a speaker, Jamara delivers engaging presentations with polished visuals that are tailored to inspire her audience to take action. Blending her depth of knowledge with relatable experiences, she connects with audiences as she challenges them to pursue excellence as they develop beneficial strategies that produce the best outcome for their business.

As a moderator, Jamara allows participants to engage with each other while discerning the level of connection between speakers and audience. She is well versed on expertly managing panels so that every discussion results each participants receiving the opportunity to exhibit their expertise and a satisfied audience.

Scope: Keynotes | Seminars | Workshops | Webinars | Podcasts



Redefine how you lead: using communication to lead from behind 

When it comes to leadership, there are those who lead from the front and those who lead from behind. Those who lead from the front tend to receive more recognition, but it is possible for leaders to be just as effective while maintaining a low profile. Through this presentation listeners will learn how to use communication to lead, what to communicate, how to communicate, and how to ask the right questions.

redefine your brand's image: small business etiquette

Have you ever purchased a product or service from a small business and found yourself the recipient of a less than mediocre experience? Small businesses may have fewer resources than larger organizations, but that doesn’t mean that customer experience should be neglected. During this presentation small business owners will learn what customers expect of them, receive tips on how to better customer experience for a competitive advantage, and discover effective practices to increase referrals and grow customer share.

Technology Isn't Enough: Increase Small Business Revenue THROUGH PEOPLE and processes*

In order to compete in today’s market, microbusinesses must embrace the use of technology. But technology alone, without strategy and purpose, won't yield returns. In this presentation listeners will learn how to identify failing systems in their business, determine the necessary standard operating procedures to establish structure, and appropriately assign staff members roles that will help increase revenue and decrease expenses.

the Secret to Small Business Success: People, Processes and Technology*

Building a small business requires a lot of work, but operating it doesn't have to be stressful. With established policies and procedures in place and the right team and relevant technology, you can build a franchise model. During this presentation listeners will learn the importance of standard operating procedures and how to apply them, as well as the importance of automatic workflows and equipping your team to handle production.

redefine your story: practice now who you want to be later

The impact you have on people doesn't begin when you are in a position of power; it starts when you begin curating your own story and you understand that self-actualization is more powerful than any position. It starts when you know how to use your talents and skills to thrive wherever you are planted. During this presentation listeners will learn the value of living a lifestyle of excellence in order to cultivate the lifestyle they want both personally and professionally.

redefine how you build relationships: a networker's guide to hijacking success

Have you ever attended a networking event and received a vast amount of business cards from individuals? How often do you follow up on those connections? Most likely the business card handover is where the relationship ends. Networking is about more than that. It’s about cultivating genuine relationships. During this presentation listeners will learn how to intentionally establish mutually beneficial relationships, be intentional in their conversations and sell through consistency.

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5 Reasons Why Jamara Is a Perfect Fit for your event

Jamara is engaging, informative, interactive and most of all a pleasure to be around
— Ashly M. Baker, CNP, Development Manager at Every Kid Outreach Inc.


Jamara’s vibrant personality has the ability to hold her audience’s attention no matter how difficult the subject.


Your audience will receive valuable content and leave the event having received relevant knowledge that they will be able to apply to their lifestyle.


A mixture of entrepreneurial accomplishments and 15+ years of professional experience have afforded Jamara a wealth of knowledge, yet her sensibility and depth make it easy for audiences to identify with her.


Jamara takes time to learn about your organization's needs, culture, and key objectives. You will receive a hand-crafted message tailored to fit the audience at your event.


Jamara's presentations are interactive. Your audience will be attentive and yearning for more.


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Jamara was recently a guest speaker for our organization and shared her expertise on systematizing for business. During her presentation she was well spoken and effectively engaged the members in discussion. I know our members left our program more knowledgable than when they walked in. ~ Erica Finlay, FemCity Orlando

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Jamara Wilson is a brilliant speaker who knows how to captivate an audience by truly engaging with each and every person in the room. Her ability to deliver content efficiently, effectively and in a timely manner is impressive. She has a way of making what would be a difficult topic to some, easy to understand. ~ Sarah Soliman, CEO of Soliman Productions

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I have never experienced anyone moderate a panel like Jamara. The way she sliced through the conversation seamlessly to move things along was absolutely amazing to me. She has great continuity in addition to many other tasks like event planning, partnership coordination, and keeping everyone organized. ~ Jamila Taylor, Operations & Development at Walker's Legacy

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Jamara is a talented presenter and an engaged and well prepared moderator. She shares her passion for helping other entrepreneurs operate more efficiently and leverage the latest technology to drive their businesses ahead of the competition! ~ Alicia Culp, Coach and Advocate


  • Panel Moderator: Patent Intellectual Property. Protecting Your Assets at Black Tech Week

  • Panel Moderator: How to Survive Business & Personal Failure at Walker’s Legacy

  • Master of Ceremony: CFULYP 10 Year Anniversary Celebration & Fundraiser

  • Panel Moderator: Women Who Lead Executive Panel with CFULYP

  • Panel Moderator: Real Talk. Steps to Reaching the Executive Suite

  • Speaker: Presentation and Public Speaking at NABA Greater Orlando

  • Interview: Outsourcing. Increasing Productivity

  • Panel Moderator: Leading with Emotional Intelligence at 2018 Florida Diversity & Leadership Conference

  • Panelist: Creative Job Search & Effective Networking at Full Sail University

  • Speaker: A Secret to Small Business Success: People, Process and Technology at UCF

  • Speaker: Professional Etiquette at NABA Greater Orlando

  • Speaker: Social Entrepreneurship at Webster University

  • Speaker: Pressing the Easy Button in Your Business. Using Technology to Streamline at FemCity