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Jamara's Personal Story

I'm just a girl working hard to manifest my visions and fulfill my purpose while helping and encouraging others to do the same.

I’m not moved by intimidation, because I know my Value. I’m not delayed by fear, because I know my Power. Nor am I bound by weakness, because I know my Strength. I’m Strong, Valuable, and Powerful.
— Jamara Wilson
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my personal


I've made many mistakes in life where I've had to repeat the lesson multiples times before I finally became the teacher

I've lost some battles, but I've always managed to remain in the race to win the war. I've learned to sit still and move only when I'm released to. Sometimes I've ended up in situations wondering and asking God "Why did you bring me to this place or situation?" I've never left that place not understanding the why. Now in a state of complete absorption, I not only have a sheer vision, I've learned how to manifest it.

Who am I? Simply said, I am a visionary. One who is highly motivated in strategically planning my professional life to ensure all of the creativity and ingenuity in me is manifested in my works. With a heart filled with passion and an advocate for transformation, I'm on a mission to continuously redefine the business in me. I have a strong desire to help and support people identify and fulfill their purpose. I aim to be in a position to give back to a large community of people in infinite ways. Here begins the evolution of Jamara Wilson. I'm ready to unfold the empire in me.


"Poco a poco, little by little" is the phrase that one of my best friends shared with me after being inspired when someone shared it with her. When it comes to entrepreneurship my approach is little by little aggressively establish a strong foundation and then build upon that. In the world of business there are many different ways in which an individual or group can be both socially impactful and profitable. I plan to strategically do this in any business I establish. I made the decision to enter the world of entrepreneurship to eliminate corporate limitations, shatter my glass ceiling, and help stimulate prosperity in a community. While constantly learning not to fail but accepting that there will be failures , I know that survivorship is dependent upon being innovative and resilient.


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work hard in silence, let your success make the noise

Have you ever read something so impactful that it made you stop in the middle of what you were doing? Something that gave you the urge, a hunger, to dig deeper into the subject of what you were reading. This is why I write. Words are powerful. When put together well they can be very influential. We all have ways in which we serve and minister in hopes of edifying a community of people. Writing is one way in which I minister. I compartmentalize my thoughts and some of them are shared in my blogs. From business posts to insightful compositions, you will find the digital stroke of my pen in the blogs I've created, His Majesty's Favorite, an insightful and inspirational blog written to help encourage self growth, and REDEFINE, a blog about all things business as it relates to the journey of us fearless entrepreneurs. 

Extroverted Introvert

I'm an introvert by nature but have a tendency to be extroverted when it comes to outdoor adventure and dancing. If you give me a football, I'll run 40 yards in heels. I love dancing.  I forget about everything and anyone else in the room when music I enjoy is playing.  I'm also a tea enthusiast who believes it's the next best thing to any Apple product. My work mantra is "work hard in silence, let your success make the noise".  At this point in my life, my focus is Leadership, Personal Growth, Professional Development, and Business Strategy. All of which I believe are the foundation of a completely liberated and prosperous life. These areas are personal passions and topics in which I've chosen to develop, grow, and master.  

I grew up in South Florida and was raised in humble beginnings. Since then, I've lived in major metropolitan cities including New York City and Chicago. I've been known to have southern hospitality with northern efficiency. It has been an exciting journey and defining experience. #IamWhoIam because of it and I'll become all that I am due to it.