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7 Ways to Make Sure Your Business Meeting is Successful

My Wednesdays are for business meetings, nurturing new relationships, and connecting with new potential business associates. This can be challenging at times because I've noticed that some people do not set an end time for business meetings.  This surprised me. As an entrepreneur, if you aren't measuring your time then you could possibly be costing yourself money.

During any interaction with someone, aim to make your time together productive and intentional. 

When having a business meeting you want to ensure no words or actions or wasted.  Whether you're facilitating the meeting or not, here are some ways to ensure your meeting is a success. 

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How to Be Consistent When You're Under Pressure

Besides running my small business and blogging about the journey of it here, I hold leadership roles in organizations, and blog about personal development on His Majesty's Favorite. I love what I do and it helps to sharpen my saw. Entrepreneurs must be active in improving talents and gaining new skills. 

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3 Ways to Compartmentalize Your Life to Increase Productivity

We have different roles to carry out with different people. Sometimes balancing everything going on in your life can be both challenging and overwhelming. Often times, entrepreneurs can feel this pressure more than others. From maintaining a happy family, building healthy relationships, volunteering in community organizations, blogging, to running a startup my life requires me to be organized. Compartmentalizing my life helps ensure I'm productive.

Here are three ways to compartmentalize your life to increase productivity.

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3 Apps to Help Mobilize the Solopreneur

When you are wearing many hats it's important to be organized in your operations. When you're an entrepreneur whose a solopreneur, staying on top of client business while at the same time making sure your business is running properly can be challenging. You have to be able to switch gears and exchange hats quickly when something arises that requires immediate attention and focus.

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Make Your Small Business Work For You

Keeping your clients satisfied means keeping yourself organized. When you are juggling more than one priority while trying to establish a profitable business, you must make your small business work for you. It helps to organize client interactions and prospecting around your "best available time". Keeping your clients pleased and impressed means being the best you and the best you operates when you are able to focus directly on the task in front of you.

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5 Ways To Get Through A Task Heavy Day

There are mornings when the moment you open your eyes the first thing that pops up in your mind is a list of all the things that you must get done that day. Sending out invoices, updating expenses, verifying billing, replying to clients' needs, measuring advertising, and the list goes on. I don't know about you, but when that happens all I can do is hop up and tell myself "Well, Jamara, you might as well get up now and do it so you won't regret the decision not to later."

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