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How to Deal With a Difficult Client

I've had my share of working with difficult clients. Fortunately, there hasn't been many at all. I've only had two. I can remember them well and even write down my own psychoanalysis of each. One took no accountability for their actions or lack of, and the other had a short temper. The one thing they both had in common was neither of them respected boundaries.

Recently, I've had four business associates come to me with this situation. How to deal with difficult clients. They are currently challenged with this and stressed out about it. 

As an entrepreneur, dealing with a difficult client is bound to happen at some point. Just like working for a difficult manager or supervisor. It's one of those things that we either allow to stress us out or overcome by a show of your character.

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Does Your Communication With Clients Sucks?

Communication is a key factor when it comes to any type of relationship. In your personal and professional life, communication can be a pedestal to greatness if done correctly. What we communicate and how we communicate with clients is important to optimize the relationship

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Don't Be Afraid To Disqualify Prospective Clients

Do you want to make every one who asks for your product or services a client? Do you say yes to every opportunity to deliver services? Is everyone and anyone your target customer? If the answer to that last question is "No", then the answer to the first two questions should also be "No". Having a clear understanding of and a belief in the client your services were designed to help, will put you in a position to not have to compromise as an entrepreneur.

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