Build Your Professional Support Team

Build Your Professional Support Team

One thing I believe strongly in, is having a solid support team. This is family and or friends whom you can go to in times of need. This is someone who can be a soundboard and a trusted advisor. This team of individuals are the people who help keeps you motivated, encouraged, and pushes you to be more ambitious. An entrepreneur needs this same kind of professional support in their journey to building a successful business.  

I attended the Walker's Legacy Award Brunch hosted by Walker's Legacy a few weeks ago in New Orleans during the Essence Festival.  Small Biz Lady, Melinda Emerson, was one of the panelists.  She reminded entrepreneurs of the importance of building a strong team. She spoke of the importance of having a trusted attorney and a good accountant.  Her book, Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months, speaks of this in more detail. The book provides good preparation for entrepreneurs. It was refreshing to hear her say that out loud and not just read it on paper. I thought like that from the beginning of my journey as an entrepreneur. Yes, I secretly patted myself on the back saying "Good job, Jamara". More importantly, I felt what she said was something very important and entrepreneurs should really take it serious. Ensuring that you have a team of individuals who specialize in areas you don't be an email and or phone call away is necessary as an entrepreneur.  You may be the Chief Everything Officer, but knowing when to transfer and entrust tasks to another person shows leadership.

Your professional support team is there to help cultivate your thinking at different angles of your business and how customers will see it
— Jamara

Having a team of professionals qualified to do the work you are not shows responsibility.  They will help minimize your risks. In a previous post, You Can Still Strategize Your Business's Operation If You're the Only Employee, I wrote after you've clearly outlined tasks you should research ways on making sure your deliverables are met. The individuals apart of your professional support team are whom you will outsource some of these tasks to if you can't automate them.  Remember, our priority is our customers. In every decision we make we need to understand how it directly affects our customers.  Your professional support team is there to help cultivate your thinking at different angles of your business and how customers will see it.

Who's on your professional team? Who's apart of your advisory board? Do you have an attorney ready to draft contracts or consult with about a potential partnership? Do have a trusted accountant that will make sure you are spending money where you should and eliminating expenses that aren't necessary? How about the graphic designer who knows what they are doing and is proud to do it well? Ask yourself these questions and then I challenge you to ask yourself whom else do I need on my team?

Who do you keep on your team to help you be your best boss? Who do you keep on your team to ensure you are minimizing failures in your business? Please feel free to share.