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What Environment Are You Growing Your Business In?

One of my favorite influencers is James Clear. He studies entrepreneurs, athletes, and others who are successful at what they do. James then shares his findings with his audience in articles about behavioral psychology.

So what James writes, I read. 

His recent article, Motivation is Overvalued. Environment Often Matters More., had my head spinning half through it. James shared with us his perspective on Jared Diamond's book, Guns, Germs, and Steel.  The basis of his article is that success, or the lack of, isn't always about motivation. The environment in which you create for yourself plays a role in your journey.

What's influencing your business decisions? Who's inspiring your professional development

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How to Deal With a Difficult Client

I've had my share of working with difficult clients. Fortunately, there hasn't been many at all. I've only had two. I can remember them well and even write down my own psychoanalysis of each. One took no accountability for their actions or lack of, and the other had a short temper. The one thing they both had in common was neither of them respected boundaries.

Recently, I've had four business associates come to me with this situation. How to deal with difficult clients. They are currently challenged with this and stressed out about it. 

As an entrepreneur, dealing with a difficult client is bound to happen at some point. Just like working for a difficult manager or supervisor. It's one of those things that we either allow to stress us out or overcome by a show of your character.

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7 Ways to Make Sure Your Business Meeting is Successful

My Wednesdays are for business meetings, nurturing new relationships, and connecting with new potential business associates. This can be challenging at times because I've noticed that some people do not set an end time for business meetings.  This surprised me. As an entrepreneur, if you aren't measuring your time then you could possibly be costing yourself money.

During any interaction with someone, aim to make your time together productive and intentional. 

When having a business meeting you want to ensure no words or actions or wasted.  Whether you're facilitating the meeting or not, here are some ways to ensure your meeting is a success. 

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What If Your Plan Doesn't Work?

We've all been in a place where we took time to carefully plan a project with all details in mind. Whether it be the launch of a product, a creative event, or a process in place to run your operations. You were careful in making sure that all your "I's" were dotted and "T's" were crossed. You knew your plan A would work, and if didn't, you had a contingency plan in place that would make sure you reached your goal. You, my fellow entrepreneur, had created a solid plan. Right? 

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5 Ways to Implement Company Culture As a New Entrepreneur

Having a great company culture starts in the beginning. The moment you are an entrepreneur or startup, you need to think about company culture. The culture and value of a company flows from the head down. Right now if you are the CEO, Chief Everything Officer, you may feel you are at the bottom. Reality is, you are the head and the tail. Eventually, you will be the official head and your team will look to you on how to handle clients and business decisions. So practicing now what it is you would like to be later will be worth it.

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Does Your Communication With Clients Sucks?

Communication is a key factor when it comes to any type of relationship. In your personal and professional life, communication can be a pedestal to greatness if done correctly. What we communicate and how we communicate with clients is important to optimize the relationship

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