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Meet Jamara

The professional biography of Jamara Wilson.

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ENTREPRENEUR | speaker | OPERATIONS SPECIALIST | community builder

“I’m not moved by intimidation, because I know my Value. I’m not delayed by fear, because I know my Power. Nor am I bound by weakness, because I know my Strength. I’m Strong, Valuable, and Powerful.” - Jamara Wilson

I'm Aiming To Be In A Position Where I Can Give Back to Communities Of People In Infinite Ways

Jamara Wilson, has over 18 years of experience in project management,  business operations and process management. Her work has helped businesses streamline their management processes, sustain growth, increase revenue, mitigate risks and reduce expenses.  She’s successfully participated in the research and program implementation of various for profit, non-profit and civic organizations on their operational agility. This includes being the primary operations consultant on an impactful statewide pilot campaign for the NAACP.

Her specialty in operations management and process management has shown to be highly effective. Jamara’s portfolio includes the success story where she’s consulted a small business in business development, field operations and team management resulting in the growth of a one man shop to a nearly million dollar company then positioning them to be a great competitor within their market.

Though her ultimate aim is to help small businesses, Jamara’s repertoire also includes some work with large organizations, including a Fortune 500 company. She’s been instrumental in the creation and enforcement of an administration process for a global sales team that decreased their annual expenses by over $600,000.  Jamara has also managed the facilities team of a Fortune 100 best company flagship location, leading them in order fulfillment in the high demand region of New York City.

Exposure to multiple industries, including mortgage financing and visual merchandising, has contributed to the diverse skill set Jamara brings into her work with any organization.  Jamara truly knows what is needed to streamline the operations of small businesses in order to make them more competitive and increase their volume capacity.

In 2014 Jamara Wilson founded Tuxedo Impressions LLC™ to help small businesses establish operational efficiency through standardized processes and workflow automation with the use of innovative technology and integrative cloud applications. In 2017 she co-founded I Deserve More, a series of workshops designed to educate women on how to utilize their talents, recognize their value and confidently communicate with their employers regarding fair wages, increased benefits, and the negotiation of higher pay.

Jamara inspires other business professionals through her nationally published articles such as, “Women’s Equality Day: The Strength and Endurance of a Woman”, and public speaking where she’s presented to audiences of the Annual Diversity and Leadership Conference, National Association of Black Accountants and Full Sail University to name a few.

Jamara is recognized for her leadership abilities and passion for evolution. With a special interest in community building, Jamara has held several leadership roles within a variety of organizations. This includes successfully launching the award winning Walker’s Legacy, a global platform for professional and multicultural women, in Central Florida. Jamara currently serves on the Advisory Board of the Florida Diversity Council and the Junior Achievement of Central Florida Leadership Council.

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I was truly impressed with Jamara’s vast knowledge and experience and would highly recommend her for any panel session or speaking engagement.
— Diane Diaz, Personal Brand Strategist
Jamara is a visionary. She is resourceful and knows how to create efficiency by using technology for her business clients. I would highly recommend her services through Tuxedo Impressions and as a guest speaker.
— Tannia DeCoteau, Director of Finance - Marketing and Sales at Marriott Vacation Worldwide Corporation
The question I asked myself 1yr ago was, “How can I keep the main thing the main thing in my business?”  That leading question prompted me to look and find Jamara Wilson of Tuxedo Impressions. As my company grew, she was able to help me focus on the things that created the greatest returns for our company.
— Gerren Sprauve, Speaker & CEO of Clean Slate Janitorial Services